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  • Zombiu #1 Selling New IP

    Zombiu game features

    They’ll bite you in the neck and kill you in one swift move. While we were both intimidated by the undead and being given a hefty agenda to market both the Wii U and ZombiU game at the same time, we managed to come out unscathed upon the game’s release. Within the first week of the console and game’s launch, ZombiU topped the charts for highest grossing sales for a new IP.

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  • Magic the Gathering – BTS


    Magic the Gathering: 2D to 3D Process from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo. “[We don't have any gameplay...]” “[We don't really even have a game yet...]” “[It's going to release some time in the near future, I think...]” “[There’s no game for you to capture from, but we need you to make something fast and we…

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