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  • Nuts for Native


    NATIVE ADVERTISING: Reaching Millennials The Millennial Generation is famous for being the most media literate generation of all time. This, in many ways, is a quickly rising problem for marketers and advertisers. Once the Millennials realize they are being marketed to (and are surprisingly good at spotting this) they have a tendency to react negatively…

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  • Ice Bucket Lessons


    Lessons of the Ice Bucket Challenge For over a month, the most talked, blogged, tweeted, and liked content out in the cultural sphere has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Everyone from celebrities, athletes, and politicians to college students, short order cooks, and teachers have doused themselves in freezing water then uploaded the evidence to…

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  • New Changes to Gaming


    New Changes to Gaming There are few better barometers for gauging which direction the mainstream gaming world is headed than the Electronic Entertainment Expo; but game-changing announcements continued to be unveiled weeks after the E3 circus left town. Take a look at the changes stirring up the industry and sending post-E3 ripples across the gaming…

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  • Zombiu #1 Selling New IP

    Zombiu game features

    They’ll bite you in the neck and kill you in one swift move. While we were both intimidated by the undead and being given a hefty agenda to market both the Wii U and ZombiU game at the same time, we managed to come out unscathed upon the game’s release. Within the first week of the console and game’s launch, ZombiU topped the charts for highest grossing sales for a new IP.

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  • The Smurfs 2: The Video Game


    The Smurfs are back in a brand new big screen adventure, so a small screen quest was a no brainer. To make this trailer, we had to go right along with the Smurfs on their journey from the Enchanted Forest all the way to Paris, the City of Lights.

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  • Gameplay Trailer – SimCity


    When EA came to us asking for a gameplay trailer made from a game that contains no cinematics, rendered scenes, actors, or a scripted storyline… we said, “hmmm.” Then later, we said, “aha!” Soon thereafter, we were elected mayor of not one, but three whole cities!… And proceeded to demolish everyone of them.

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  • Magic the Gathering – BTS


    Magic the Gathering: 2D to 3D Process from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo. “[We don’t have any gameplay…]” “[We don’t really even have a game yet…]” “[It’s going to release some time in the near future, I think…]” “[There’s no game for you to capture from, but we need you to make something fast and we…

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