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Native Advertising: Tech Gets Personal


NATIVE ADVERTISING: Reaching Millennials


The Millennial Generation is famous for being the most media savvy generation of all time. In many ways, this is a rising problem for marketers and advertisers. Once Millennials realize they are being marketed to (and are surprisingly good at spotting this) they have the impulse to react negatively or tune out completely. How do we overcome this new marketing challenge? The answer is Native Advertising. One part transmedia and another part content marketing, Native Advertising crafts personal experiences and clever content with a brand message tucked inside. With this proven formula, Native Advertisements have the ability to sidestep the distrust of Millennials and help increase engagement and loyalty. For a more in-depth understanding, we’ve gathered a collection of essential articles outlining interesting case studies and editorial views of Native Advertising from industry experts.


4 Native Ads the Media’s Talking About


Mic Forgoes Banners for Native Advertising


The Rise of Native Ads and the Importance of Being Human


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GE: Enhance Your Lighting

The effects of Old Spice’s ad campaign are booming, as today’s brands compete to solve the dilemma, “How do we reach Millennials?” GE answered this question with its Smart Lightbulb ad. Using clever logic, they combined nostalgia conjured by film icon, Jeff Goldblum, with the cheeky style of humor that defines today’s “Internet” generation.


New Guinness Africa: Made of Black

Aspiring to reach the emerging markets in Africa, Guinness partnered with native African artists. Together they create a visually striking advertisement; playing with the concept of color and the stout’s official nickname, “The Black Stuff.”


BBC Music: God Only Knows

To celebrate the launch of their new music service, the BBC pulled together some of the music industry’s elite. The superstars help amplify awareness for the new venture, singing the famous Beach Boys tune, “God Only Knows.” Combining major music icons with incredible production makes this an unforgettable video.


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For Brands, These Are the Do’s and Don’t’s Of Working with BuzzFeed

“‘All the eyeballs’ means that content is popular, but marketers are becoming curious. Can brand lift can be created without shamelessly plastering a logo throughout a video or awkwardly injecting product into the storyline? BuzzFeed and Purina see no need to imbed products for profit. According to Nielsen research presented during Advertising Week, viewers who saw Purina sponsored-by video, Dear Kitten, were 57% more likely to want to buy wet food for their cat compared to a control group.”


Data-Driven Content is Fueling Mobile Success

Data-driven content creation is fueling the boom of mobile-first online destinations. At the helm are sites such as BuzzFeed, Atlantic Media’s Quartz and USA Today’s For the Win. Dismissed by legacy publishers as cheap click-bait, their undeniable success may very well be in their decidedly different approach from their older colleagues.


How Marketing and PR Should Work Together to Reach Customers

In today’s frenzied electronic environment, a disconnect between science (think data) and art (think communication) can impair even the most well-intentioned marketing. Viewing these two concepts together and evaluating their intersection unlocks a treasure trove of innovative and profitable insights for the modern marketer. It’s useless to cull data and develop targeted campaigns only to force feed factual product information, promotions and sales pitches. Marketers and PR reps ultimately need to converse and connect with customers in a way that feels (yes, feels) authentic and meaningful by working together.



Along with our commitment to producing high quality marketing assets, Eyestorm Productions is also dedicated to finding and spreading superior, cutting edge information for the advertising and marketing world. We hope you enjoyed this month’s feature on Native Advertising. If you love our monthly newsletters and want to get more of the best in industry news, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to check our blog at your convenience!
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Ice Bucket Lessons


Lessons of the Ice Bucket Challenge


For over a month, the most talked, blogged, tweeted, and liked content in the cultural sphere has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This landmark in audience engagement enticed never before seen masses and at lightning speed. Everyone from celebrities, athletes, and politicians to students, short order cooks, and teachers have doused themselves in freezing water then uploaded the evidence to YouTube. Using a simple premise and a basic ask, ALS created an inescapable viral phenomenon, and showcased a fantastic case study in viral marketing and audience engagement. The question now becomes, “What can we, Marketers, learn from it?” Gathered from across the internet, here are some other expert analyses of this community event, and just for fun, a supercut of celebrity ice bucket videos.


What the Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Engagement


Social Activism Becomes a Thing for Brands Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge


The Importance of the Ice Bucket Challenge


50 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


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Madden NFL 15 – Madden Season

Celebrity endorsement in video game trailers is no new thing. What is new is the insane no holds barredcomedy music video approach brought by Kevin Hart and David Franco. Not only does it perfectly describe the sort of rivalry that can build between competitive players, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny.


IKEA – Experience the BookBook

When Ikea decided to unveil its new catalog, they chose to do it in the style of another company that enjoys minimalist design: Apple. Aping the now classic commercial style of the high-tech giant, Ikea reveals its low-tech option to browse their catalog.


Apple – Designed by Apple

Speaking of Apple commercials, this short motion graphics piece describing the Apple design philosophy perfectly encapsulates the secret to Apple’s success: simple, well executed, extremely effective, and expertly designed.


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Twitter’s New Buy Button Is Key to Its Mobile Commerce Future

Twitter unveils a social shopping button today that lets marketers drive conversions straight from tweets, after months of speculation that such a feature was in the works. The new offering appears in Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps and represents the company’s latest bid to reel in mobile spend from direct response-heavy advertisers.


5 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%

There are five common areas that most company websites can improve upon and expect to see an immediate boost in revenue. Taken together, they have the potential to increase your revenue by 300% or more (depending, of course, on your industry, location and a variety of other factors).


Marketers Need Tools To Be Personal

Trends change within marketing all the time, and one that’s currently hot right now is personalization, as a lot of marketers are using data to create a viewpoint to which customers can relate. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone’s on board just yet.



BJ’s Field Day IPA Video Link

BJ’s Field Day IPA :30 Link

Good beer is like good bread or good veggies, the fresher the better! And it doesn’t get any fresher than BJ’s Field Day IPA. The restaurant chain and craft brewer came to us to document the creation process of their special seasonal fresh-hop brew from field to table. We rolled camera at 5:30am at Crosby Hops Farm hops field in Oregon, knowing full well that if those hops didn’t get to the BJ’s Brewery in Reno in under 24hrs, those flavorful hops would spoil. It was a mad dash to the finish line, but after it was over we got to taste something a beer lover can only have for a limited time once a year. They started tapping September 9th, so get to your local BJ’s before they run dry, and check out our live-action video to find out why!

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New Changes to Gaming


New Changes to Gaming


There are few better barometers for gauging which direction the mainstream gaming world is headed than the Electronic Entertainment Expo; but game-changing announcements continued to be unveiled weeks after the E3 circus left town. Take a look at the changes stirring up the industry and sending post-E3 ripples across the gaming world’s waters.


Valve Could Be Heading to Gamescom to Show Controllers


Nexon Takes Stake in Bleszinski’s Boss Key


Unveiling the Gameplay of No Man’s Sky


Gamestop Wants to Participate in Your Game’s Development




Always – #LikeAGirl

Brands have been going beyond simply marketing themselves and have been using their outreach to push social issues into the spotlight. Feminine product maker Always shines a light on the insulting sexism of the phrase “like a girl,” and why it is time for the meaning of the phrase to change.


Adidas – The Final

Using simple black and white stock photography and a 2d/3d motion graphics look, Adidas proves it doesn’t take much to rial up the emotional heartstrings of sports fans and leave a lasting brand impression.


Lexus: Amazing in Motion – Strobe

While car commercials tend to showcase sexy vehicle shots, Lexus decided to go another direction. Its latest commercial features an animated light-man who travels across a city to reach its long-sought after creator — the Lexus. The commercial is visual, creative, and definitely one of a kind.



The Mashies Are Coming

To celebrate excellence in the field of digital marketing, forerunner in the digital reporting space Mashable comes back for a new round of the “Mashies” contest. Check out the qualifications to see if your digital campaign fits the bill for this competition.


Oculus Announces Virtual Reality Conference

Oculus VR today announced on its blog that it is planning to host Oculus Connect from September 19 to 20 at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. The company is looking to invite “engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world to share and collaborate in the interest of creating the best virtual reality experiences possible.”


Influencing the YouTube Influencers

There are more than a few ways for brands to strategically mobilize Youtube influencers. Check out this useful infographic that shows who the top YouTube personalities are, their number of followers and the brands with whom they align.



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Dobrý den! Eyestorm has been surging forward on our original content creation initiatives. We’ve been out in the Czech Republic meeting with Prague production companies and the Czech Film Commission to take steps toward collaborating on an international co-production project. While there, Creative Director Michael Klima met with a friend and colleague from his old Lucasfilm days, Producer Rick McCallum, among other leaders in the Czech film production scene to discuss Eyestorm’s upcoming slate. Stay tuned for details.

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Live-Action Video Game Trailer earns ZombiU #1

  • •Our Live-Action Video Game Trailer earns ZombiU “#1 Selling New Wii U IP” 

They’ll bite you in the neck and kill you in one swift move. Just like zombies, Eyestorm Productions had to achieve two results simultaneously, in our lucrative live-action video game trailer. We not only had to introduce and sell the ZombiU game, but also it’s new game console counterpart, the Wii U. Featuring the game and communicating why it’s thrilling appeal is solely reliant the Wii U, as the best and only game system it could be played on, was a challenge Eyestorm was excited to accept.

We did a twist on the classic feature based trailer, presenting the gameplay functions as inseparable from the console and as a critical part of the rules of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Shooting the live-action sequences in our post-apocalyptic stomping grounds (a.k.a: Los Angeles), Eyestorm Productions brings ZombiU world to life. We creatively and strategically illustrate how the Wii U submerses the first-shooter into a 360 degree world of zombies, by taking perspective beyond the tv screen with their revolutionary Wii U GamePad controller. The live-action video game trailer drives home the message that Wii U is inextricably linked to ZombiU as it helps our gamer stay on his toes with it’s realistic all-encompassing perspective and advanced capabilities.

Both intimidated by the haunting and dangerous undead and the hefty agenda to reveal and market both the Wii U and ZombiU game at the same time, we survived unscathed on release day. Just like surviving a zombie apocalypse, Eyestorm Productions made every second of our new live-action video game trailer count and succeed. The first week of the console and game’s launch, ZombiU topped the charts for highest grossing sales for a new IP!


See More LIVE ACTION work by Eyestorm Productions:











MORE on Wii U & ZombiU:




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The Smurfs 2: The Video Game

    • •World Wide Release in 11 Countries


The Smurfs are back in a brand new big screen adventure, so a small screen quest was a no brainer. To make this trailer, we had to go right along with the Smurfs on their journey from the Enchanted Forest all the way to Paris, the City of Lights. The End result was a fun, energetic romp for the whole family! However, our tongues are still blue from eating smurf berries, and no amount of mouth wash seems to be making a difference.

To find out more about The Smurfs 2: The Video Game, click here.

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Gameplay Trailer – SimCity

  • •#1 Simulation Franchise
  • •Over +400K Views on Youtube
    • •Custom Crafted Storyline and Game Capture


When EA came to us asking for a gameplay trailer made from a game that contains no cinematics, rendered scenes, actors, or a scripted storyline… we said, “hmmm.” Then later, we said, “aha!” Soon thereafter, we were elected mayor of not one, but three whole cities!… And proceeded to demolish every one of them.

The iconic simulation franchise SimCity returns, and with it comes the equally iconic disasters that can strike helpless cities at random moments. All and all, it was a lot of fun to let our imaginations run wild on a setting that in many ways is a blank slate, and see what grew and developed. Ironically, the same way you play Simcity ;).

To find out more about SimCity, click here.

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Magic the Gathering – BTS

Magic the Gathering: 2D to 3D Process from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

“[We don’t have any gameplay…]” “[We don’t really even have a game yet…]” “[It’s going to release some time in the near future, I think…]” “[There’s no game for you to capture from, but we need you to make something fast and we don’t have much money for you to do this.]”

Chances are, you’ve had to say these lines if you’ve been living in the Mad Hatter’s world of video game marketing. Most likely, these scenarios have caused you to chew your food a bit faster and feel your wallet opening up like it’s about to buy a Ferrari. Luckily, we’ve been helping our patients with a cure for the upset-stomach-empty-wallet syndrome…and conveniently, it’s called “Magic.”

Yes, “Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalker 2014″ came to us with the foresight that their temperature might be rising and asked us to produce and create an economical pipeline to bring their still artwork to life in a moving video. When we told them we’ll take their pain away and they can keep their arm and leg, surgery began.

If you find yourself contracting this syndrome, the number to call actually isn’t “911,” it’s really “310-582-3937.” So go ahead and call it while you check out our behind-the-scenes case study showing the full guts and glory of the operation.

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Snapdragon Gaming Studio – Logo

Mobile gaming developer Snapdragon came to us to create their first official animated logo. Being a fan of all things related to a fire breathing beast, we eagerly took the opportunity to stretch our 3D animation wings and take flight.
In case you were wondering- we only torched a few villages in the process.

To find out more about Snapdragon Gaming Studios, click here.

Live Action Video Game Ad – ROCKSMITH

Rocksmith -> TV Spot ;30 from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.


Live Action Video Game Ad for a real live action game


The power of live-action really hits home in Eyestorm’s new live action video game ad for Ubisoft’s Rocksmith. What does “live-action” mean? It means real people, real reactions, real… guitars??? Just when you felt like a certified, international rockstar in your own living room, Rocksmith takes you to the next level with real-deal, authentic guitar interaction. Rocksmith is Ubisoft’s one-upper to Guitar Hero (and Rock Band for that matter), allowing players to plug a real guitar into their game system to play songs.

Naturally, the cross-over from pushing plastic buttons to actually strumming a real guitar might feel daunting for a non-musician. Ubisoft has your back and that’s what Eyestorm’s live action video game ad was specifically designed to show. Rocksmith might be a game, but it’s also a virtual teacher. That’s right, the “cool factor” upgrade to a real instrument doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be Beethoven. What better way to calm your performance anxiety than by watching other avid music game fans face and conquer their pre-game jitters.

Eyestorm Productions wanted this live action video game ad to connect with consumer by showing reality; real people playing and reacting to the game. So, we took to the streets of Los Angeles to document peoples’ raw reactions. The authentic message of a testimonial really drives the message that everyone can play this game with an actual guitar. And not just that, the game will help players fulfill a high school dream, teach them how to play an actual guitar. Plastic peripherals have got nothing on that.

By using real people and natural live action for our live action video game ad, Eyestorm successfully informed and educated the public on Rocksmith’s next-level capabilities.  Rocksmith achieved the highest market tested tv spot and over 1 million games were sold world-wide.

Teaser Trailer Standout – The Force Unleashed

“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” – Teaser Trailer from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.<



At the time we began creating The Force Unleashed teaser trailer, the video game market was totally flooded with Star Wars licensed games. However, this ground breaking next-gen game went beyond anything ever before seen and we knew it would excite even the most savvy gamer. We needed a powerful message that cut through the noise. Of course, Gamers were loyal to the brand, but they just didn’t have quite the same enthusiasm for blasters and starships that they once did. How would we make The Force Unleashed stand out from the Star Wars game herd? As it turns out, the answer was right in the title.

Our strategy became clear when Eyestorm got ahold of an early build of the game. It fully re-invents the capability of the Force to legendary heights exhibiting the “Amazing Force Powers like you’ve never seen before”. Every image in our campaign had to communicate this message. The Force Unleashed integrated ground-breaking technologies and major tech advancements that would bring our gamers to their knees. So, our reveal of the main character, Starkiller (Darth Vader’s apprentice) and these epic force powers had to be eye catching, unforgettable, and larger than life (… kind of like a Star Destroyer). From that idea, the Eyestorm creative team’s concept was inspired. Starkiller would do the impossible — actually take down a Star Destroyer! Talk about unforgettable!

To custom create this larger-than-life CG opening, Eyestorm teamed up with the in-house crew from Lucasarts and brought those (now well known) 30 seconds to vivid life. We refined our unique creative strategy and reinforced it with iconic Star Wars imagery. The developer loved the scene so much, it became an official part of the game. The reaction from the gaming world achieved landmark results. The teaser trailer became the fastest selling Star Wars game in history, netting over 10 million views on Gametrailers earning their Diamond Award. It also took home multiple “Best of E3″ awards, and won a Golden Trailer for best video game trailer.

We are honored to say that The Forced Unleashed teaser trailer more than stood out… it conquered!

See More STAR WARS Video Game projects by Eyestorm Productions:


STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed – Release Trailer


STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed II – Launch Trailer


STAR WARS: Battlefront – Release Trailer


STAR WARS: Republic Commando – Launch Trailer


Full-Service Advertising Agency: The REAL DEAL

Eyestorm Capabilities Reel from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.


• Concept to Completion
• Integrated Advertising Campaigns

• Award-Winning Results

Eyestorm Productions is Full-Service Advertising Agency and Production Company. Streamlining all advertising needs, wants and thoughts (from concept to completion) under one roof, gives our campaigns an advantage. We take great pride in a carefully crafted, niche focused, integrated strategy and specially embody it in every executional element of our process. This delivers a compounded impression and theme to every ad story. As a full-service advertising agency, Eyestorm’s dynamic method of integrated advertising benefits greatly and the results are compelling.

  • AUDIO/VISUAL – Elite full-service production: live-action, content marketing and transmedia. Full-service post-production: editing, CG/VFX/MGFX, audio, finishing and copywriting.
  • DIGITAL – original interactive experiences, mobile optimization,rich media ads, backend integration, e-commerce, Flash Animation, Apps, CMS, user experience, websites and online ads.
    • DESIGN/PRINT- all matters in art direction, style guides, print collateral and trade/consumer ads.
    • SOCIAL – social media creation and management, seeding and distribution, influencer outreach, analytics reporting, social apps, tools, and events.


Housing all creative and production under one roof creates a synergy, unifying all moving parts for a more sound, strong and cohesive story.

See EYESTORM PRODUCTIONS full scope of talent and services , click here.

Video Game Viral Video – Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Endwar Viral from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

VIDEO GAME Viral Videos engage non-gamers to join the fun!


The magic of the viral video is that it seems weird and out of nowhere. Viewers are always commenting, “What am I watching?” at each new viral craze that pops up. Of course, that is part of the appeal and fantasy of viral videos. They’re out of left field and can be about anything. The reality, however, is very different. Viral videos do have their own formula of sorts. At the very least, there are predictable ingredients that when combined can almost guarantee viral success.

Eyestorm Productions had quite the mission when Ubisoft decided their real-time strategy war-game should reach broader audiences than the genre tends to attract. EndWar would be the first-ever voice activated RTS game, completely and fully playable from start to finish via voice-commands. This capability alone invites not just a broader video-game audience, but even non-gamers to join in the fun. Now to get the message beyond the confines of gamer kingdom? Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed it… a video game viral video.

Eyestorm examined hundreds of virals cracking the code as to why they work and what makes them sharable, spreadable, and evangelized across the web out of the goodness of the viewers heart (or instantaneous yearn to spread the LOL’s). Combining detailed analytics and the strategy to both promote a new feature of the game and attract a wider audience, Eyestorm honed in on one of the most successful chapters in ‘the book of virals’ and incorporated animals, namely the parrot. The cute, lovable, and vocal darling of the animal kingdom would make EndWar appear effortless to play to the average Joe (and even Joe’s Mom while we’re at it). The adorable parrots would not only brighten the game’s doom-and gloom theme of “the end of the world,” but also show just how easy voice-commands make gameplay.

Key to this concept though was that it had to seem like a user created video. Surprisingly, making a video seem amateur but still watchable is not as easy as it sounds. Everything from how the user would film the parrots, adding the shaking camera sounds, lag edits, improved VO, and even faking the voice of the parrots all had to be carefully planned out (and a little secret for those of you looking to make your own talking parrot videos: we used peanut butter to get the parrots to look like they were talking and futzed a human voice to sound like a parrot). To our surprise, no audience member even guessed it was faked. Some questioned how logistically the parrots could have played the, but the rest of the audience provided the answer for us! Natural audience engagement and free media buys all incentivized by the desire to share material that will make others happy.

As you can guess, this video game viral video made colossal waves in game advertising. It not only, took viral videos off-the-beaten path, but connected in a fresh new way with it’s target demographic and to never-before engaged audiences. The EndWar viral video achieved hit counts into the 7 figures, earned free media buys (due to user requests) and snagged the “Best Viral Video” award at The Game Marketing Awards show!

EndWar’s viral parrots are a lesson in video game marketing success. The viral video is a valuable, entertaining marketing medium that when applied properly can crack the homemade code and bring niche industries, like video games, to a broader, more diverse consumer.

CHECK OUT MORE Viral Videos by Eyestorm Productions:


HPNOTIQ Hotties – TV Spot


COLT 45 – Ghetto But Good!




Logo Branding: THX Amazing Life

THX “This Amazing Life” from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

Logo Branding – THX’s ‘Amazing’ Visual Ad:


  • •Over 3,000 Theaters Screened at theater owners discretion

  • •DVD placement for INDIANA JONES: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull & AVATAR

  • •Won 6 AWARDS! – 4 Create Awards and 2 Tellys


Few companies have logo branding success equal to THX. On-sight, their logo encapsulates their identity and creates trust and familiarity in the minds of their audience. Undoubtedly, they expect their ads to achieve the same result. THX came to Eyestorm with a unique request — an advertisement that wasn’t an advertisement. The THX logo branding ads that play before feature films are not compulsory for theater owners. It must be something unique, visually pleasing, and entertaining for them to consider running it before the main feature.

Eyestorm took the approach of the “magic crystal”. The audience may not know what exactly THX does, but they will know that it is something that they want. The concept to unveil the THX logo branding is dubbed, “Amazing Life”. In it, a series of music making plant life combine their sounds together to create the iconic THX deep note, and to form together to make the logo.

With 6 weeks to produce this high end, sixty second CGi trailer (something usually done in over 3 months), Eyestorm assembles a crack team of specialists. They drew inspiration from undersea life found in the Long Beach aquarium, to the family owned Orchid shop just down the street. The music making organisms had to look living, and fascinating to create the sense of wonder in the audience. The overall effect, over 3,000 theaters screened THX’s “Amazing Life,” and the logo branding spot is placed on the DVD releases of Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Avatar.

Our services rendered for THX Amazing Life CGI Trailer:

      • Creative
      • CGI Concepting
      • CGI Storyboarding
      • CGI Production (Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation, Look Dev)
      • Post-Production Creative Services (Editing, Sound Mix, Rendering, Finishing)


SEE MORE THX Trailers & Projects by Eyestorm Productions:







http://eyestormproductions.com/?f=industry|brands|other#thx_showwest_teaser ‎

THX Home Theater CES – Motion Graphics Sample Video – DOCUMENTARY


Tech Advertising Companies – CES 2015 Takeaway




What better way to ring in the new year than with a new cell phone? TV? VR Headset? Drone? Self Driving Car? When consumers are excited, so are Tech Advertising Companies! This year, like every year, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas displayed the shining stars of new and emerging technologies. This sets the gameboard and lets marketeers, retailers, and customers alike, know what to expect for the year. And what are the new products tech advertsing folks have to work with this year? Innovative items like wearable technology and remote camera drones dominated most of the show floor. However, other new tech like consumer 3D printers, personal robots, and smart home networks also left the pages of sci-fi novels and set up booths with a notable presence. It’s clear that tech advertising is about to expand exponentially. Check out the links below for more insight on CES 2015’s cutting edge technology. It’s time for tech advertsing to ramp up, as the ever growing focus in smart devices expands.


Mashable: 4 CES Technologies to Lookout For


Adweek: 6 Marketing Experts, What You Need to Know About CES 2015


Business Insider: 10 Things in Tech You Need to Know


TechCrunch: CES Podcast



image imageimage

Johnnie Walker: The Next Step

It’s the New Year, and the makers of Johnnie Walker want your new journey started off right (Hint: it’s with a glass of Scotch). With motivational copy, a series of connected sets, and a catchy hashtag (#Keepwalking), the broguey whisky crafters communicate a key message to follow for the rest of the year. Keep going forward, you stalwart hero.


New Castle: Call for All Brands

For an old school English brown ale, Newcastle knows how to kick it “new school” in the ad world. This time, the British beer makers got Parks and Rec star Aubrey Plaza to ask the burning question, “Why can only the big brands spend 4 million for 30 seconds of screen time at the Super Bowl?” Calling their initiative “Band of Brands,” Newcastle wants to go in with you (whoever you are) to produce a Super Bowl commercial.


James Patterson: Self Destructing Book

Suspense/Thriller novelist James Patterson wants select readers to really feel the tension when they read his newest book. So he’s wired it with explosives and given them 24 hours to finish reading the story at a hosted event. The cost to take part is around 200k, however, the PR buzz generated by this event should more than make up for any lack of sales of an exploding book.


image image image

How to get Super Bowl buzz for $700

Want to make a splash with a Super Bowl commercial, but don’t feel like dropping four million to get the job done? Get creative and sneaky! It’s what the brands listed in this Mashable article achieved to great success. Combining edgy creative with a limited initial release drew buzz to their online video posts, making their ads viral hits. It may not be right for every brand, but it might be right for yours.


Several Major Brands Are Investing in Vessel

The video startup founded by ex-hulu executives Jason Kilar and Richard Tom finally opened its metaphorical doors to the public. They improved the ad dollar split (70/30 in favor of content creators) and are earmarking 60% of the subscription revenue for video makers. With this ideal share, Vessel has already attracted some A-list online talent.


The 10 Things in Advertising You Need to Know Today

Advertising is a constantly evolving industry. With that in mind, here are ten interesting and potentially useful facts to bear in mind this work day. These tasty tidbits range from the percent of TV ad dollars earned this year vs. last, to Facebook’s new plan for the Super Bowl.



none none


Gracenote, the big data giant, just joined the prestigious Eyestorm Productions client list. Stay tuned for more development as we collaborate with the metadata monolith to help bring better data and smart technology integration to everyday interactions.

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Video Production Company Meets Creative Agency

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Being our own video production company ensures consistent brand themes, so the marketing message doesn’t get lost between the strategy & production phase.


As we look back over our 10 years of creating advertisements we sometimes feel like a blossoming teenager looking at old pubescent year book photos. The industry as a whole is very much the same way. With ever changing trends, technology, and new distribution channels popping up every day; it’s like advertising is hitting a new renaissance.

In the early days, Eyestorm acted very much in the traditional agency meets production company relationship; serving as a video production company for brands and agencies. As time went on, some things have stayed the same, and some have changed. At it’s core Eyestorm is very much a video production company, but now that’s just one service amongst the many advertising capabilities we offer.

With top-level production knowledge from USC’s Film school, hands on experience in live-action marketing from LucasFilm, and over 10 years of client experience under Eyestorm – we’re finely tuned for video production.

The benefits of acting as both a creative advertising agency and video production company do have major benefits to consider. In the traditional advertising agency model, an ad agency will devise a campaign strategy and outsource each piece of media to different companies based on the best suitor for the various channels on which it’s being distributed. We always encourage our clients to commission us for both the strategy and execution of the campaign as we find the results are more laser focused to maintain a consistent brand message. Whether we’re working for an agency or direct-to-client, being our own video production company ensures the marketing message doesn’t get lost from the strategy phase as it moves into the production phase.

Our creative production company has a proven edge since we craft the campaign message and keep a close eye over every part during the production phase.  The idea of being a video production company incorporating this style of workflow has more recently been coined a  “creative production company.” Knowing who you’re speaking to and the in’s and out’s of the message does have a impact and steers the direction for a successful production. It influences who to cast, what they should look like, what the best frame, camera move, lighting, set design, or color scheme should be to elicit the underlying emotional message that all starts from the strategic marketing message. This concept is at the crux of our video production and the same concept applies to other platforms such as digital, social, and mobile campaigns.


About 90% of the time we are commissioned to handle both the creative strategy and execution of the campaign. We’ve handled everything from small viral internet videos done with a skeleton crew to massive commercial productions.

  • scripting
  • storyboarding
  • visual effects
  • pre-production producing
  • casting
  • directing
  • filming
  • assembling targeted production crew members
  • location scouting
  • lighting


Content Marketing for BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

BJs Field Day 2014 Full Version Playback from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

BJs Field Day 2014 :30 Version from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.


• Helped Sell Out IPA in 2 Weeks
• Increased Brewing Brand Reputation

Great beer is like great bread or veggies, the fresher the better! The same goes for Content Marketing where this saying is definitely tried and true in world of advertising. Content marketing gives a fresh look at common or familiar products and ideas by inviting you to experience, learn and enjoy. The well-known BJ’s restaurant chain and craft brewer wanted just that! They came to us to document the creation process of their special seasonal fresh-hop brew from field to table. We decided to utilize the personal and inviting technique of a content marketing advertisement. Bright and early, we rolled camera at 5:30am on the Crosby Hops Farm hops field in Oregon. Eyestorm Productions captured the heart and soul of BJ’s special brewing experience, as we not only witnessed the process, but felt the challenge of their commitment to greatness. If the hops didn’t get to the BJ’s Brewery in Reno in under 24hrs, those flavorful flower buds would spoil. It was a mad dash to the finish line as we shadowed the BJ’s brewers from sun up to sun down and across state lines. As a result we crafted a one-of-a-kind audio-video experience of their beloved brewing ritual. This stunning original example of content marketing truly brings the BJ’s operation and passion to life for their customer. They started tapping September 9th and were sold out of this specialty brew in only 14 days! When done well and with the passion you want to convey, Content Marketing’s intimate perspective really revives interest and action towards common products like a good old-fashion beer. Check out our live-action video to find out why!

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