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Native Advertising: Tech Gets Personal


NATIVE ADVERTISING: Reaching Millennials


The Millennial Generation is famous for being the most media savvy generation of all time. In many ways, this is a rising problem for marketers and advertisers. Once Millennials realize they are being marketed to (and are surprisingly good at spotting this) they have the impulse to react negatively or tune out completely. How do we overcome this new marketing challenge? The answer is Native Advertising. One part transmedia and another part content marketing, Native Advertising crafts personal experiences and clever content with a brand message tucked inside. With this proven formula, Native Advertisements have the ability to sidestep the distrust of Millennials and help increase engagement and loyalty. For a more in-depth understanding, we’ve gathered a collection of essential articles outlining interesting case studies and editorial views of Native Advertising from industry experts.


4 Native Ads the Media’s Talking About


Mic Forgoes Banners for Native Advertising


The Rise of Native Ads and the Importance of Being Human


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GE: Enhance Your Lighting

The effects of Old Spice’s ad campaign are booming, as today’s brands compete to solve the dilemma, “How do we reach Millennials?” GE answered this question with its Smart Lightbulb ad. Using clever logic, they combined nostalgia conjured by film icon, Jeff Goldblum, with the cheeky style of humor that defines today’s “Internet” generation.


New Guinness Africa: Made of Black

Aspiring to reach the emerging markets in Africa, Guinness partnered with native African artists. Together they create a visually striking advertisement; playing with the concept of color and the stout’s official nickname, “The Black Stuff.”


BBC Music: God Only Knows

To celebrate the launch of their new music service, the BBC pulled together some of the music industry’s elite. The superstars help amplify awareness for the new venture, singing the famous Beach Boys tune, “God Only Knows.” Combining major music icons with incredible production makes this an unforgettable video.


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For Brands, These Are the Do’s and Don’t’s Of Working with BuzzFeed

“‘All the eyeballs’ means that content is popular, but marketers are becoming curious. Can brand lift can be created without shamelessly plastering a logo throughout a video or awkwardly injecting product into the storyline? BuzzFeed and Purina see no need to imbed products for profit. According to Nielsen research presented during Advertising Week, viewers who saw Purina sponsored-by video, Dear Kitten, were 57% more likely to want to buy wet food for their cat compared to a control group.”


Data-Driven Content is Fueling Mobile Success

Data-driven content creation is fueling the boom of mobile-first online destinations. At the helm are sites such as BuzzFeed, Atlantic Media’s Quartz and USA Today’s For the Win. Dismissed by legacy publishers as cheap click-bait, their undeniable success may very well be in their decidedly different approach from their older colleagues.


How Marketing and PR Should Work Together to Reach Customers

In today’s frenzied electronic environment, a disconnect between science (think data) and art (think communication) can impair even the most well-intentioned marketing. Viewing these two concepts together and evaluating their intersection unlocks a treasure trove of innovative and profitable insights for the modern marketer. It’s useless to cull data and develop targeted campaigns only to force feed factual product information, promotions and sales pitches. Marketers and PR reps ultimately need to converse and connect with customers in a way that feels (yes, feels) authentic and meaningful by working together.



Along with our commitment to producing high quality marketing assets, Eyestorm Productions is also dedicated to finding and spreading superior, cutting edge information for the advertising and marketing world. We hope you enjoyed this month’s feature on Native Advertising. If you love our monthly newsletters and want to get more of the best in industry news, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to check our blog at your convenience!
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Ice Bucket Lessons


Lessons of the Ice Bucket Challenge


For over a month, the most talked, blogged, tweeted, and liked content in the cultural sphere has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This landmark in audience engagement enticed never before seen masses and at lightning speed. Everyone from celebrities, athletes, and politicians to students, short order cooks, and teachers have doused themselves in freezing water then uploaded the evidence to YouTube. Using a simple premise and a basic ask, ALS created an inescapable viral phenomenon, and showcased a fantastic case study in viral marketing and audience engagement. The question now becomes, “What can we, Marketers, learn from it?” Gathered from across the internet, here are some other expert analyses of this community event, and just for fun, a supercut of celebrity ice bucket videos.


What the Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Engagement


Social Activism Becomes a Thing for Brands Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge


The Importance of the Ice Bucket Challenge


50 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


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Madden NFL 15 – Madden Season

Celebrity endorsement in video game trailers is no new thing. What is new is the insane no holds barredcomedy music video approach brought by Kevin Hart and David Franco. Not only does it perfectly describe the sort of rivalry that can build between competitive players, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny.


IKEA – Experience the BookBook

When Ikea decided to unveil its new catalog, they chose to do it in the style of another company that enjoys minimalist design: Apple. Aping the now classic commercial style of the high-tech giant, Ikea reveals its low-tech option to browse their catalog.


Apple – Designed by Apple

Speaking of Apple commercials, this short motion graphics piece describing the Apple design philosophy perfectly encapsulates the secret to Apple’s success: simple, well executed, extremely effective, and expertly designed.


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Twitter’s New Buy Button Is Key to Its Mobile Commerce Future

Twitter unveils a social shopping button today that lets marketers drive conversions straight from tweets, after months of speculation that such a feature was in the works. The new offering appears in Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps and represents the company’s latest bid to reel in mobile spend from direct response-heavy advertisers.


5 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%

There are five common areas that most company websites can improve upon and expect to see an immediate boost in revenue. Taken together, they have the potential to increase your revenue by 300% or more (depending, of course, on your industry, location and a variety of other factors).


Marketers Need Tools To Be Personal

Trends change within marketing all the time, and one that’s currently hot right now is personalization, as a lot of marketers are using data to create a viewpoint to which customers can relate. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone’s on board just yet.



BJ’s Field Day IPA Video Link

BJ’s Field Day IPA :30 Link

Good beer is like good bread or good veggies, the fresher the better! And it doesn’t get any fresher than BJ’s Field Day IPA. The restaurant chain and craft brewer came to us to document the creation process of their special seasonal fresh-hop brew from field to table. We rolled camera at 5:30am at Crosby Hops Farm hops field in Oregon, knowing full well that if those hops didn’t get to the BJ’s Brewery in Reno in under 24hrs, those flavorful hops would spoil. It was a mad dash to the finish line, but after it was over we got to taste something a beer lover can only have for a limited time once a year. They started tapping September 9th, so get to your local BJ’s before they run dry, and check out our live-action video to find out why!

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New Changes to Gaming


New Changes to Gaming


There are few better barometers for gauging which direction the mainstream gaming world is headed than the Electronic Entertainment Expo; but game-changing announcements continued to be unveiled weeks after the E3 circus left town. Take a look at the changes stirring up the industry and sending post-E3 ripples across the gaming world’s waters.


Valve Could Be Heading to Gamescom to Show Controllers


Nexon Takes Stake in Bleszinski’s Boss Key


Unveiling the Gameplay of No Man’s Sky


Gamestop Wants to Participate in Your Game’s Development




Always – #LikeAGirl

Brands have been going beyond simply marketing themselves and have been using their outreach to push social issues into the spotlight. Feminine product maker Always shines a light on the insulting sexism of the phrase “like a girl,” and why it is time for the meaning of the phrase to change.


Adidas – The Final

Using simple black and white stock photography and a 2d/3d motion graphics look, Adidas proves it doesn’t take much to rial up the emotional heartstrings of sports fans and leave a lasting brand impression.


Lexus: Amazing in Motion – Strobe

While car commercials tend to showcase sexy vehicle shots, Lexus decided to go another direction. Its latest commercial features an animated light-man who travels across a city to reach its long-sought after creator — the Lexus. The commercial is visual, creative, and definitely one of a kind.



The Mashies Are Coming

To celebrate excellence in the field of digital marketing, forerunner in the digital reporting space Mashable comes back for a new round of the “Mashies” contest. Check out the qualifications to see if your digital campaign fits the bill for this competition.


Oculus Announces Virtual Reality Conference

Oculus VR today announced on its blog that it is planning to host Oculus Connect from September 19 to 20 at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. The company is looking to invite “engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world to share and collaborate in the interest of creating the best virtual reality experiences possible.”


Influencing the YouTube Influencers

There are more than a few ways for brands to strategically mobilize Youtube influencers. Check out this useful infographic that shows who the top YouTube personalities are, their number of followers and the brands with whom they align.



none none


Dobrý den! Eyestorm has been surging forward on our original content creation initiatives. We’ve been out in the Czech Republic meeting with Prague production companies and the Czech Film Commission to take steps toward collaborating on an international co-production project. While there, Creative Director Michael Klima met with a friend and colleague from his old Lucasfilm days, Producer Rick McCallum, among other leaders in the Czech film production scene to discuss Eyestorm’s upcoming slate. Stay tuned for details.

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Zombiu #1 Selling New IP


  • •#1 Selling New Wii U IP” (@ Wii U Launch)

They’ll bite you in the neck and kill you in one swift move. While we were both intimidated by the undead and being given a hefty agenda to market both the Wii U and ZombiU game at the same time, we managed to come out unscathed upon the game’s release. Within the first week of the console and game’s launch, ZombiU topped the charts for highest grossing sales for a new IP. All the live-action was shot in our post-apocalyptic stomping grounds (a.k.a: Los Angeles).

To find out more about ZombiU, click here.

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The Smurfs 2: The Video Game

    • •World Wide Release in 11 Countries


The Smurfs are back in a brand new big screen adventure, so a small screen quest was a no brainer. To make this trailer, we had to go right along with the Smurfs on their journey from the Enchanted Forest all the way to Paris, the City of Lights. The End result was a fun, energetic romp for the whole family! However, our tongues are still blue from eating smurf berries, and no amount of mouth wash seems to be making a difference.

To find out more about The Smurfs 2: The Video Game, click here.

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Gameplay Trailer – SimCity

  • •#1 Simulation Franchise
  • •Over +400K Views on Youtube
    • •Custom Crafted Storyline and Game Capture


When EA came to us asking for a gameplay trailer made from a game that contains no cinematics, rendered scenes, actors, or a scripted storyline… we said, “hmmm.” Then later, we said, “aha!” Soon thereafter, we were elected mayor of not one, but three whole cities!… And proceeded to demolish every one of them.

The iconic simulation franchise SimCity returns, and with it comes the equally iconic disasters that can strike helpless cities at random moments. All and all, it was a lot of fun to let our imaginations run wild on a setting that in many ways is a blank slate, and see what grew and developed. Ironically, the same way you play Simcity ;).

To find out more about SimCity, click here.

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Magic the Gathering – BTS

Magic the Gathering: 2D to 3D Process from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

“[We don’t have any gameplay…]” “[We don’t really even have a game yet…]” “[It’s going to release some time in the near future, I think…]” “[There’s no game for you to capture from, but we need you to make something fast and we don’t have much money for you to do this.]”

Chances are, you’ve had to say these lines if you’ve been living in the Mad Hatter’s world of video game marketing. Most likely, these scenarios have caused you to chew your food a bit faster and feel your wallet opening up like it’s about to buy a Ferrari. Luckily, we’ve been helping our patients with a cure for the upset-stomach-empty-wallet syndrome…and conveniently, it’s called “Magic.”

Yes, “Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalker 2014″ came to us with the foresight that their temperature might be rising and asked us to produce and create an economical pipeline to bring their still artwork to life in a moving video. When we told them we’ll take their pain away and they can keep their arm and leg, surgery began.

If you find yourself contracting this syndrome, the number to call actually isn’t “911,” it’s really “310-582-3937.” So go ahead and call it while you check out our behind-the-scenes case study showing the full guts and glory of the operation.

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Snapdragon Gaming Studio – Logo

Mobile gaming developer Snapdragon came to us to create their first official animated logo. Being a fan of all things related to a fire breathing beast, we eagerly took the opportunity to stretch our 3D animation wings and take flight.
In case you were wondering- we only torched a few villages in the process.

To find out more about Snapdragon Gaming Studios, click here.

Content Marketing for BJ’s Restaurant

BJs Field Day 2014 Full Version Playback from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.

BJs Field Day 2014 :30 Version from Eyestorm Productions on Vimeo.


• Helped Sell Out IPA in 2 Weeks
• Increased Brewing Brand Reputation

Great beer is like great bread or veggies, the fresher the better! The same goes for Content Marketing where this saying is definitely tried and true in world of advertising. Content marketing gives a fresh look at common or familiar products and ideas by inviting you to experience, learn and enjoy. The well-known BJ’s restaurant chain and craft brewer wanted just that! They came to us to document the creation process of their special seasonal fresh-hop brew from field to table. We decided to utilize the personal and inviting technique of a content marketing advertisement. Bright and early, we rolled camera at 5:30am on the Crosby Hops Farm hops field in Oregon. Eyestorm Productions captured the heart and soul of BJ’s special brewing experience, as we not only witnessed the process, but felt the challenge of their commitment to greatness. If the hops didn’t get to the BJ’s Brewery in Reno in under 24hrs, those flavorful flower buds would spoil. It was a mad dash to the finish line as we shadowed the BJ’s brewers from sun up to sun down and across state lines. As a result we crafted a one-of-a-kind audio-video experience of their beloved brewing ritual. This stunning original example of content marketing truly brings the BJ’s operation and passion to life for their customer. They started tapping September 9th and were sold out of this specialty brew in only 14 days! When done well and with the passion you want to convey, Content Marketing’s intimate perspective really revives interest and action towards common products like a good old-fashion beer. Check out our live-action video to find out why!

To find out more about BJ’s Field Day IPA, click here.

E3 2014 Reactions

Countdown to the Next Generation

E3 is all about the reaction. What trailer is everyone sharing? Which game’s pre-order number just skyrocketed? What are the Youtube stars and gaming press talking about? These are the questions that matter in the modern age of gaming. Taken from all over the internet, here are the reactions from the top news and review outlets the industry has to offer. Check them out, and see if your game got the reaction you were going for.


Gamespot – People’s Choice Award


Polygon – Best of E3


IGN – Best of E3 Awards 2014


[a]list Daily – What We Learned at E3


Hangar 1 Vodka – The Ballad of Hangar 1

If the Coen Brothers made a music video, and if that song was about vodka, you’d have this surreal and entertaining ad. Ostensibly the true story of the founding of the brand, a Sam Elliot type character takes you through the journey of the conception in Germany to the creation in an old hanger in Southern California.


OK Go – The Writing’s on the Wall

The masters of the viral/one take music video are back in top form with forced perspectives. They use these optical illusions to showcase some mind-blowing if simple visual effects that rely only on space, color, and angle.   .


Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s the Division Cinematic Trailer

A new twist on the CG trailer, Ubisoft shows a time lapse of a city going slowly to hell as an apocalyptic plague ravages the populace. Beyond a doubt, you understand the tone and feel of this game through this trailer.


Mobile Games Market to Hit $28.9 Billion by 2016

According to a new report from Juniper Research, total revenues from the mobile games market are expected to reach $28.9 billion by 2016, representing 38 percent growth from the $20.9 billion Juniper cites for 2014. Juniper stresses that “in an effort to maximize their apps’ potential, developers are turning their focus on increasing user lifetime value.”



Youtube Outperforms Game Journalism for Marketing

Game developers are used to articles being written about their games as the best way to spread the word and fire up fans to buy games. However, some game developers may be turning to a more effective method for marketing – YouTube channels.



World Cup Ads Have Already Been Shared More than Super Bowl Ads

Before the first kickoff, ads related to the World Cup have already been shared more than this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials, according to marketing-technology company, Unruly. The top-20 World Cup 2014 ads have so far netted 6.9 million shares across social media. That’s 31.4% more than the 4.7 million shares related to the top-20 ads from Super Bowl 2014.


Official E3 Trailer

If there were ever to be crowned a drug lord of gaming, Magic the Gathering would hands down take the throne. After 30 years of slinging “cardboard crack,” the hugely successful, heavy-hitting franchise has added even more addictive components to their online version of the game, “Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker 2015.” With the past success of our last trailer campaign for Duels 2014, Wizards of the Coast asked Eyestorm Productions to serve-up another dose of advertisements teasing the ever-so-sexy new release of Duels 2015. While we may be called a street hustler or paper pusher for the work you’re about to see, we’d like to point out that this is one drug your doctor would definitely recommend for a healthy dose of kickass trading card gaming.

Next Gen Countdown

Countdown to the Next Generation

The end to the longest life cycle in the industry’s history comes to a close this November with the release of the juggernauts: Playstation 4 and Xbox One. With new features that not only better utilize today’s technology but also plug directly into today’s technology culture, this new round of consoles is poised to change how gamers play and interact. And standing in the wings, Valve’s potential console, the Steam Box, could be the wild card that disrupts the ecosystem of the major console makers and the gaming world. Whatever happens, in a few days, nothing will be the same, and here’s what the press and gaming community are saying about it.


Gametrailers: Next Gen Showdown video


Gameindustry.biz: PS4 Pre-Orders Higher than Past Consoles


Washington Post: Valve’s Steam Machine is the Anti-Console


Polygon: Xbox One At a Glance


Gamespot: Hands on and Q&A with the PS4



Arcade Fire: Wilderness Downtown

Indie rock group, Arcade Fire, brings another inventive interactive music video that uses the viewer’s home address to create a personalized experience. Working with Google street and Google Earth source material, “Wilderness Downtown,” does a virtual tour of the viewer’s old neighborhood set to Arcade Fire’s song, “We Used to Wait.”


OK Go: All is Not Lost

The grandmasters of the internet music video have made yet another visual marvel with their music video to “All is Not Lost.” Working off Google Chrome’s architecture (you will have to use the chrome browser to view this), the html 5 video opens and rearranges windows in order to create an internet kaleidoscope. It all ends with a personal message that you create and then can share with friends.


Honda: Impossible Made Possible

Perspective is everything, and nothing illustrates this better than Honda’s optical illusion-laden commercial for their new diesel powered SUV. It’s a visual feast of creative images that just might change the way people view this Honda SUV


Gaming More Pervasive in China than US

An online report by Magid shows that 84% of those surveyed in China state that they play video games or identify as gamers compared to the 69% in the US. The report also states that the proliferation of tablets and smartphones in China have significantly contributed to this number.


Call of Duty: Ghosts Passes $1 Billion in Day 1 Sales…to Retailers

After GTA V made $1 billion in 3 days setting a new sales record, Activision vowed that they would earn their title back with CoD: Ghosts. As of today it looks like they have…maybe. Activision has confirmed that over $1 billion in sales has been made to retail outlets, but not to consumers. However, the pervasiveness of the publisher’s flagship franchise cannot be denied, and it might just sit back atop the throne once those numbers become available.


78% of Twitter’s Users Are Outside the US

According to Statista, Since 2010 Twitter’s international user base has grown 745% — from 20 million to 169 million users. Its user base in the United States has only grown 390%, from 10 million to 49 million users.


Winner of Eyestorm Raffle
A big thank you to all of those who took the time to check out our new website, reel, and survey. Your comments have been greatly appreciated and we’re extremely lucky to receive such wonderful feedback. As a thank you for your input, we’ve been holding this gem of an iPad Mini to be raffled away. On Tuesday afternoon, we did our official drawing and a big congrats goes out to Steve Brooks from EA’s Sports Label in Vancouver. Steve, you may be freezing your arse off up there in the Northern lights, so we hope this iPad Mini will keep you warm throughout the holiday season :). Many thanks you guys!

Most Anticipated of 2014

Most Anticipated of 2014

Sweeping and dominating the holiday season, the next generation of video game consoles is here. These beefy hardware devices boast graphical upgrades, brand new features, and a promise of new gameplay experiences that launch titles only hint at. But while the holidays taken over by the hardware, the new years will center entirely around the software. Gamers stare out to the horizon looking for the next great gameplay experience. And of those titles coming around the corner, these are ones that the community keep talking about. Culled from articles around the internet, here are the games gamers can’t wait for and why.


Gametrailers: Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2014


IGN: The Hype Sheet: Your Most Anticipated 2014 Games Revealed


Dorkly: The 25 Most Anticipated Titles of 2014


Gamesradar: Top 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2014



Youtube: Best of Superbowl 2014

Often times better that the game itself, the Superbowl commercials have pretty much become a genre in and of themselves. So this year, like every year, the question becomes, “who did it best?”


Apple: Unaired iPhone Video

Celebrating the Macintosh’s birthday, Apple decided to showcase their world changing technology. They do this by cutting together a spot shot all over the world and exclusively on iPhones.


Channel 4: Gay Mountain

To cheer on their athletes, celebrate the nation’s diversity, and thumb their nose at Russia’s intolerant laws; British TV channel Channel 4 threw out all of the stops making this song and dance number.


Pinterest is Gaining Ground on Facebook & Twitter in News

Facebook and Twitter are the well known and established outlets for social marketing. But Pinterest is nipping at their heels by taking over 20% of all “media/publishing”- related content posted to social networks in Q3 of 2013. This is up 2% from Q2 in which Pinterest held 18%.



5 Things You Need to Know About Video Ads on Facebook

Video ads are up on Facebook, and in the news feeds of consumers all over the world. Though these are far from simple videos set to autoplay, as Facebook seeks to protect their user base from content that they would find invasive. However, this list can provide helpful tips to navigate this new opportunity.


Measuring Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing is the new buzzword, and rightfully so. This approach is less intrusive and more inclusive for consumers; bringing an engaging experience that leaves a more lasting impact. However, this is primarily an “in theory” viewpoint, but as more campaigns go this route, they leave a trail of data behind them. Now all that needs to be figured out is how to interpret it.


MtG Motion Comic Video
“[We don’t have any gameplay…]” “[We don’t really even have a game yet…]” “[It’s going to release some time in the near future, I think…]” “[There’s no game for you to capture from, but we need you to make something fast and we don’t have much money for you to do this.]”

Chances are, you’ve had to say these lines if you’ve been living in the Mad Hatter’s world of video game marketing. Most likely, these scenarios have caused you to chew your food a bit faster and feel your wallet opening up like it’s about to buy a Ferrari. Luckily, we’ve been helping our patients with a cure for the upset-stomach-empty-wallet syndrome…and conveniently, it’s called “Magic.”

Yes, “Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planewalker 2014″ came to us with the foresight that their temperature might be rising and asked us to produce and create an economical pipeline to bring their still artwork to life in a moving video. When we told them we’ll take their pain away and they can keep their arm and leg, surgery began.

If you find yourself contracting this syndrome, the number to call actually isn’t “911,” it’s really “310-582-3937.” So go ahead and call it while you check out our behind-the-scenes case study showing the full guts and glory of the operation.