Who Won @ Gamescom

Who Won @ Gamescom?

Often called the E3 of the European market, Gamescom has certainly been rising in popularity and prominence in the past few years. What was announced in Los Angeles is then playable in Cologne. This gives gamers the intimate and in-depth look into titles they could only speculate about. Now that more eyes worldwide are on this convention, who took advantage of it the most? Below, some of the biggest names in the world of gaming news weigh in on who they think took everything home.

IGN: People’s Choice Award Winner


Gamespot: Sony’s Impressive Strategy Stole the Show


Polygon: Destiny and PS4 tops Gamescom 2013 Awards


Destructoid: Top 10 Games of Gamescom


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Toshiba – The Power Inside Webseries

Content Marketing has been making quite the resurgence recently, and Toshiba not only decided to jump on the bandwagon but to grab the reins and steer. An amusing story involving mind controlling mustaches and Harvey Keitel, “The Power Within” webseries definitely changes the perspective on Toshiba products.


Finding Luigi – Legend of Parkour

And while we’re talking about Content Marketing, Nintendo comes out of left field with this wacky mockumentary, framing Luigi as one of the great pioneers of the sport Parkour.


Adidas – The New Speed of Light

To show off the ligh- up capabilities of the F50 Messi, Adidas dressed the soccer star, Leo Messi, whom the shoes are based on, in a LED suit. They then used high-speed cameras to capture his movements.


6 Basic Human Needs to Rethink Marketing

Social Media Today contributor, Bryan Kramer, takes Tony Robbins “6 Basic Human Needs” and applies them as marketing principles. His key take-away: “Tapping into this core set of values in your marketing initiatives will give your efforts a boost of human energy that will activate your audience into action.”



TV’s Reaching Consumers This Year Can Track What Viewers Watch

LG is using software developed by San Francisc-based tech company, Cognitive Networks, that tracks live and recorded programs on home televisions. This information can be instantly streamed back to marketeers via the web.



US Gaming Spend hits $2.88 Billion in Q2 – NDP

NDP reports that Americans spent close to 3 billion in Quarter 2 of 2013, which is down 3% from previous year. However, more than 61% of the industry’s gaming content revenue–$1.77 billion–came digitally, whether it was from subscriptions, full-game downloads, add-on content, or social/mobile games.


The Smurfs 2 The Video Game – Post Launch Trailer
Can you ever get enough Smurfberries to really be satisfied? Our tongues say “no” as we drool in blue after making a second trip to the Enchanted Forest to follow-up our launch trailer with this post-launch trailer of The Smurfs 2 The Videogame. This powerfully Smurftastic trailer proves, though small and blue, there’s really nothing they can’t do. Our goal was to dynamically showcase the powers of each playable Smurf character, let their personalities shine, and show how each character comes in handy for solving in-game obstacles and puzzles. While we can’t say we had our fill of Smurfberries, we can say our tongues are still blue, and show no signs of fading anytime soon.

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