Tom Clancy’s: End War

Making Hardcore Appeal to All Cores. Blowing it Up for the Masses.
Entire Video Campaign:
Viral | Release Trailer | Reposition Video | Vignettes

RTS games like Tom Clancy’s EndWar tend to appeal to a highly niche, hardcore consumer base and narrow demographic range. With a desire to sell more units and increase new user acquisition, we needed to find a way to open it up to the masses and appeal to an entirely new audience for this genre of gaming.


We devised a plan to create a series of ongoing videos that would speak to a wider audience, focus on easy-to-play gaming features, and shift focus from the “end of the world” theme with specific videos that are designed to target a wider base.


By the end of the video campaign and the launch of Tom Clancy’s EndWar, we saw an on-pour of new consumer groups, received free media placements for our ads actually being desired rather than pushed, and took home a grip of awards to boot. Due to the large response, a sequel of the game became a reality. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Awarded “Best Viral Video”
  • 7 Figure Hit Counts
  • Free Media Buys (Due to User Requests)
  • Golden Trailer Award “Best Video Game TV Spot.”
  • Increased General Audience Definite Interest.
  • Repositioned Brand’s Image
  • Large Demand Created Sequel Sign-Off

Strategy: If you can give the potential consumers an effective tool to help evangelize the game, spread the marketing message, and promote the game for Ubisoft – rather than having Ubisoft push content at them – the game will change.
Execution: A viral video is easier said than done. File this under “done.” Careful execution was plotted to ensure we stayed in the shadows, made the video appear “user generated,” and casted some damn attractive parrots to make the game seem easy to play and (subtly) market the voice activated gaming feature. By using parrots, voila, we suddenly had spun the tone of the game to shift focus to the audience we wanted to speak to. But how do you get parrots to speak army command lines? That will be our little secret.


Strategy: Appeal to the hardcore niche by creating a shocking trailer that grabs attention by catapulting off of current day issues in a heart throbbing cut that features them as realistic, epic and action packed.


Strategy: Appeal to the casual gamers by making a visual analogy that this game is as easy to play as a football game.


Strategy: 8 training video vignettes were crafted to market the game’s ease of playability and also help educate consumers on how to play the game after they purchase it.

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